Happy 2nd Anniversary GP-write!

Since the initial meeting on October 31st, 2015 in New York City, GP-write has made significant progress advancing the agenda of this Grand Challenge. We have expanded to 200 Consortium members, convened for two annual meetings, introduced 26 pilot projects, and formed 10 working groups that are now meeting at least monthly. It’s been a very busy two years!

So busy, in fact, that we decided to capture some of the progress made by the numbers:

GP-write by the Numbers

250: Number of attendees at 2017 May meeting

232: Number of dollars, in millions, in GP-write-related funding that has been received across multiple institutions (as of May 2017)

200: Number of international scientists represented in Consortium

107: Number of working group committee members

106: Number of institutions represented in Consortium

100: Percent of attendees polled at May meeting who believe the time is right for a Grand Challenge such as GP-write

70: Number of presentation videos available for viewing from the 2017 May meeting

14: Number of countries represented in Consortium

13: Number of approved pilot projects

13: Number of pilot projects under review by scientific executive committee

10: Number of active working groups

10: Number of partners and sponsors for the 2017 May meeting

4: Number of official GP-write publications

3: Number of pilot projects lead/proposed by a citizen scientist

1: International community taking on this Grand Challenge!

We encourage you to explore the GP-write website, which has been updated to reflect these and many other updates, including publication of the 2017 May Meeting Summary, as well as poll results, presentation videos, photos, and representative media coverage of the May meeting.

We also encourage you to check back frequently for updates from each of the working groups as they are in the midst of creating charters and roadmaps that will be published on the website, new pilot project proposals and approvals, upcoming events, new blog posts, and ongoing GP-write media coverage. 

If you would like to propose a pilot project or join a working group, please contact us at info@engineeringbiologycenter.org. You can also help to fund the project with a tax-exempt donation by clicking on the DONATE button at the top or bottom of any website page at www.engineeringbiology.org.

We are excited to continue on this incredible journey, which we hope will contribute to solving many of our most pressing global challenges!