Pilot Projects

GP-write is proceeding in phases according to the initial roadmap (White Paper) to evaluate feasibility and value, similar to other large-scale genome projects such as HGP-read, Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE), and the Synthetic Yeast Project (Sc2.0). Each of these earlier projects began with pilot projects that focused on a fraction of the genome, typically about 1%. For GP-write, only those projects that are deemed to provide valuable resources for advanced biomedical research and/or biotechnology development will be chosen.

The Scientific Executive Committee evaluates every pilot project submitted. Both approved projects and those currently under review are briefly described below.

Until the project is fully funded, GP-write is supporting the scientists submitting pilot projects with letters of recommendation. In the future, the goal is to financially support the pilot projects directly. There are two ways to apply for a pilot project: 1) Scientists can apply for funding through their university and GP-write will support the project with a Letter of Recommendation, or 2) scientists can partner with the Center of Excellence to apply for funding.

Please contact info@engineeringbiologycenter.org for more information.

Submit a Pilot Project Proposal

Approved Pilot Projects

Proposed Pilot Projects

— Under Review by Scientific Executive Committee —

Project Lead(s)Project Title
C. Neal Stewart, Jr., University of Tennessee
Scott C. Lenaghan, University of Tennessee
Installing "Mini-Symplastomes" in Crops
Tom Ellis, Imperial College London
Paul Freemont, Imperial College London
Rational and Combinatorial Refactoring of Recombining Human Chromosomal Clusters
Jake Beal, Raytheon BBN TechnologiesGenomic-scale Design Representation with SBOL
Dieter Egli, Columbia UniversityStable Haploid Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Bogumil Karas, Western University, OntarioDevelopment of a Pipeline for Precision Cloning and Effective Storage of Large Synthetic or Natural Human DNA Fragments
Kenji Tsuge, Kobe UniversityLong and Precise Genomic DNA Construction Using Bacillus Subtilis
Rosario Isasi, University of Miami
Stephan Zuchner, University of Miami
Re-writing Regulation? A Comparative Policy Study of "Natural" vs "Synthetic" Cells, Organoids and Human Genomes
Matthew Chang, NUS Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI) and the Singapore Consortium for Synthetic Biology (SINERGY)
Wen Shan Yew, NUS SynCTI and SINERGY
Chueh Loo Poh, NUS SynCTI and SINERGY
Winning the Fight Against Diabetes: Singapore to GP-write
Stephan Zuchner, University of Miami
Rosario Isasi, University of Miami
An In-Situ Digital Annotation System to Document and Safeguard GP-write Applications
Yaniv Erlich, New York Genome CenterDNA Fountain
Elibio Leopoldo-Rech Filho, EMBRAPA and Nat Inst of S&T, Synthetic Biology
Cintia Coelho, University of Brasilia and Nat Inst of S&T, Synthetic Biology
James A. Birchler, University of Missouri
Utilization of Recombinases (Serine Integrases) to Regulate Gene Expression