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In the News

GP-write attracted a great deal of interest with the issuance of a Press Release and online publication of a Commentary in Science on June 2, 2016. It was covered by 195 news outlets worldwide garnering over 91 million impressions. The following 10 articles are representative of the coverage.

“Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA”. Associated Press. June 2, 2016.

“Let’s Synthesize the Human Genome, Says HGP-write”. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. June 3, 2016.

“Scientists launch proposal to create synthetic human genome.” The Guardian. June 2, 2016.

“The Next Genetics Moonshot: Building a Human Genome from Scratch.” IEEE Spectrum. June 2, 2016.

“Scientists call for global drive to create the first ever synthetic human genome.” The Independent. June 2, 2016.

“Plan to synthesize human genome triggers mixed response.” Nature. Jun 2, 2016

“Human Genome Project-write.” Neurologica blog. June 3, 2016.

“Scientists Announce HGP-Write, Project to Synthesize the Human Genome.” The New York Times. June 2, 2016.

“Scientists reveal proposal to build human genome from scratch.” Science. June 2, 2016.

“Audacious project plans to create human genomes from scratch.” STAT. June 2, 2016.