GP-write Meeting

May 9-10, 2017 | New York, NY

Hosted by: Jef Boeke, George Church, Andrew Hessel and Nancy J Kelley

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May 9-10, 2017 • New York, NY
New York Genome Center


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GP-write: A Grand Challenge Using DNA Synthesis, Gene Editing and Other Technologies to Understand, Engineer and Test Living Systems

In May, 2016, more than 130 scientists, industry leaders, ethicists and policy makers steeped in human biology, health and synthetic biology came together in Boston for an organizing meeting for GP-write. This meeting focused on the design and technical issues, ethical and social issues and industry involvement around testing large genomes in cell lines.

The May meeting attracted a great deal of thought and interest, especially after the issuance of a Press Release and online publication of a Commentary about the project in Science on June 2, 2016. The meeting and Commentary were covered by 195 news outlets worldwide.

Over the last six months, the GP-write Leadership Group has been hard at work responding to comments from the press and scientists around the world.  In large part due to this conversation, the project’s name has been changed from HGP-write to GP-write and its scope expanded. The project will focus on using synthesis and genome editing technologies to understand, engineer and test living systems of model organisms, including the human genome, and plants in cell lines. The goal of GP-write is to not only deepen our understanding of life but to develop pragmatic technology of general use in biology, improving the cost and quality of DNA synthesis, DNA assembly in cells, and testing of many DNA variations on tissue characteristics. This is described in a revised White Paper which can be found here on the project’s website.

To date, nearly 200 scientists from over 100 institutions/companies in 14 countries have expressed interest in participating in GP-write and several countries have expressed a willingness to provide financial support for the project. Just last month, Nature cited HGP-write as a “project to watch” in 2017.

The next meeting for the project will be held on May 9th and 10th, 2017, at the New York Genome Center.


We hope you can join us. The meeting is limited to 250 in-person attendees on a first come, first serve basis. We will be live broadcasting the Keynote presentations.  Registration is now open and you can sign up here.

The Agenda includes discussions about roadmaps for the project including scientific direction, technology development, ethical, social and legal engagement, standards and infrastructure development amongst others. Scientific topics will include the introduction and discussion of new Pilot Projects and the creation of an Industry Consortium. Specific meetings will also be organized around a press briefing and funding.

GP-write will build on the knowledge and technological advances of the Human Genome Project, and could be an equally transformative next step. Focused on writing, editing and building large genomes, the project will generate a wealth of information connecting the sequence of nucleotide bases in DNA with their physiological properties and functional behaviors, enabling the development of safer, less costly and more effective therapeutics and a broad range of applications in other areas such as energy, agriculture, healthcare, chemicals and bioremediation. Another proposed benefit will be the commercial development of new genomics analysis, design, synthesis, assembly and testing technologies, with the goal of making these technologies affordable and widely available to everyone.

Thanks so much for your continuing interest in this exciting Grand Challenge project! We look forward to seeing you in May. Our social media accounts are live and we invite you to follow us!

GP-write: A Grand Challenge Using DNA Synthesis, Gene Editing and Other Technologies to Understand, Engineer and Test Living Systems

Tuesday May 9th & Wednesday May 10th, 2017

New York Genome Center
101 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013